The agency CLARUS – a project developed by people with experience in the field of advertising, design and software development. We work according to the most efficient principles of work organization.

The business management is centralized and located in the capital city of Latvia in Riga. The responsibilities of the newly developed team are professionally distributed and everybody is assigned his/ her field of activity, where the said employee is a specialist.

Any work with every project, starting from the beginning of its development until its end, is completed in the highly professional manner and properly. We are doing our best to implement new ideas every day, value the unique experiences highly and we are happy to participate in perspective projects.

We started our business in 2001 and have been in successful operation for 15 years, developing the following directions: the internet solutions, software development, the graphic arts and design.

As a result of our work, there are more than 200 Internet projects and above 300 various graphic arts works completed.

We use only modern technologies in our work, the equipment, software and the unique possibilities of the leading manufacturers of the world to offer our clients a chance to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

The following well-known companies can be mentioned among our largest clients, e.g. Linstow Center Management, LLC - Origo, Mols, Alfa, Galerija Centrs, BDG events, LLC - FBI, Loze&Loze, LLC - Bowlero Centrs, Post Nevada, LLC – Complex Vegas, Unistars, LLC, SNS nodala, LLC, State Education Development Agency, Systemair, LLC, Health Centre 4, LLC, P.Dussmann, LLC. Council of Higher Education, etc.

The objective of development of the agency CLARUS is to develop the policy to provide sustainable development of company, increasing the efficiency of their activities, maximum provision of expectations and requirements of our clients.

We are here to assist you to introduce your company, product, the company’s brand to the world in a convincing and determined manner.

GLIEF Accredited Clarus Management

We are honored that you have selected us as your cooperation partner!


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